Beer & Dice!

Welcome to the new campaign. All your characters have been created, backgrounds established, and relationships set. Everyone has come together, and you have journeyed up the sword coast into the Dessarin Valley to the town of Red Larch, what happens next is up to you.

This website will be a portal to all the campaign related information, characters, notes, NPCs, etc. This is a Wiki, so not only can make additions to this information but you are encouraged to do so. Adding information is very straight forward and simple. Your first order of business is to click on the Character entry on the menu to the left and get your character entered in. Feel free to add as much detail as you want, but whatever you put here, everyone else will be able to see. I’ll add pictures using your selected miniature for each character unless you want to provide your own.

Once that’s done you might want to check out the Wiki for all the background information on the campaign to date. You should also feel free to add any information you want to this wiki, keeping track of anything you want, NPCs, Adventure hooks or rumors, XP and/or treasure. Someone also should be in charge of taking adventure notes and post them after each session in the Adventure Log.

With that said…. if you want to learn how NOT to play D&D, click here

If you are unsure if you might be endangering your soul by playing D&D, please read this cautionary message

Beer & Dice

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